Our backup and recovery pricing is split into client and storage.


Basic - £4/month

The basic client allows the simple file level backup of individual computers up to 512GB. It is ideal if you're a sole worker working on a single computer or when your workforce are on the road and need a backup solution to protect their files without any interaction from them and the need to take their laptops back to the office or VPN back to deposit their files on your server.

Each basic client is configured with it's own username and password and has it's own dedicated storage space. The data is separated from other backups running under your QamSys account.

Advanced - £32/month

The advanced client offers considerably more power and is suited for your servers. By purchasing the advanced client you can consolidate all of your separate backup schedules from all of your servers into a single storage package up to 9TB in size, greatly improving your price per GB rate. The single Advanced client can be installed on multiple computers with the same credentials and therefore sharing the same storage, and can then be managed from a single place. It also offers full system recovery options allowing your technical team the ability to restore whole servers far more quickly in the event of a disaster.


From a minimum of 8GB, storage bands double in size up to 512GB. From 512GB onwards, storage can be increased in 512GB blocks up to 5TB, after which storage can be increased in 1TB (1,024GB) blocks up to 9TB (9,216GB). If you require more than 9TB, you will need to purchase additional Advanced licenses and run separate storage spaces for each.

Storage 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB 512GB+ 1TB+
Price £/month 16 24 32 40 48 56 64† 128‡

† This is the price for each 512GB increment up to 5TB (5,120GB.) For example, 3.5TB = £448.

‡ This is the price for each 1TB (1,024GB) increment up to 9TB (9,216GB.) For example, 6TB = £768.

Please note, all of our business product prices are in GBP and exclude VAT.