We believe the price you pay for our services should scale proportionately to your needs. There is a myriad of services in the IT sector and we do everything we can to provide as many as possible to our clients while maintaining a pricing structure that is very simple and flexible.

The best way we feel to do this is to base all of our work on a time related charge, and then give you options for buying additional time which in turn allows you to reduce the rate.

Our professional services generally operate between 09:00-17:00, Monday to Friday. However, we are very flexible and often accommodate clients outside of these hours because some of our clients simply require that little bit extra.

If you feel more comfortable with fixed recurring bills for services, we offer a recurring subscription option which provides a bigger saving to you based on the amount of time you pre-subscribe to.

When starting with us, we recommend to our customers to consider how much they use (or intend to use) our Professional Services and subscribe to a recurring subscription of hours just below that level, and buy an "Hours Pack" to fall back on. Over the first few months, you can see within our portal how hours are consumed and upgrade or downgrade the subscription accordingly. We do not tie our customers into any contracts so you can modify or cancel a subscription at any time.

While we endeavor to work from our offices, there will often be times when a site visit is required, such as for meetings and implementations. In these situations, we do not count any time travelling to site against your hours (we're not doing much while we travel,) and only count the time we spend on site. We do however add a £0.50 per mile charge for road travel, and expenses for other forms of travel and overnight stay's should this be required.

Our Professional Services rates are as follows...

Professional Services

Our standard, pay-as-you-go rate is £45 per hour and this rate will always apply if there are no pre-paid hours for Professional Services credited to your account... but remember, purchasing hours upfront you can get professional services for as little as £27.50 per hour.

Rolling monthly subscription

  Monthly Hours Subscription
  8 16 32 64 128 256
Professional Services 320 600 1,120 2,080 3,840 7,040

Hour Packs

  Pre-Paid Hour Pack
  8 16 32 64 128 256
Professional Services 340 640 1,200 2,240 4,160 7,680

Please note, all of our business services prices are in GBP and exclude VAT.