Data protection is a critical concept all business should take seriously. If you search the Internet for backup solutions nearly every company that exists will quote one figure or another about how many business would fail after a critical data loss event. Invariably, they will almost all produce slightly different results so it's hard to say which is most accurate. One thing for sure is when a business loses data... it loses money and at some point the amount of data lost will equal the end!

We ask you the simple question... how much data could you lose before it's too much?

We offer our very own comprehensive cloud (offsite) based solution which addresses this enormous problem. With two variants to choose from or mix together, you can be sure your data is protected from any disaster.




The basic license we offer provides an install of our backup software on a single computer with dedicated and private storage for backups from that computer. It offers file level backups and is suited to protecting individuals and is recommended to our customers who operate purely from computers without a server on their premises.


The advanced license offers the full power of our backup software which can be installed on as many computers as you like. The storage space is shared so you get the benefits of our discounts when reserving larger storage blocks. We recommend the advanced licences for our customers with servers.


Features - Basic and Advanced

Optimised storage

Our storage platform heavily compresses all data and it is the compressed file sizes which are counted against your storage.


Triple Replication

Your data is replicated three times across our cloud platform. Even if there is a catastrophic event at one of our data centres, your data will be safe and available should you need it. These additional copies will not incur you any additional costs - they are included as standard for the price you pay per GB. 



Our client software natively supports multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Novell.



With Continuous Data Protection enabled you can stay up to date with file changes on a constant basis. CDP will monitor your file-system and archive any changes to your data as it happens.


Local Backups

In addition to the standard cloud based backup, for each backup set, you can choose to keep a local copy. Allowing fast restore times from inside you network, this is useful if you recover files often, or expect you may need to do a large restore in the near future - good contingency planning during major system maintenance as a roll back option.


File Versioning

Our system allows you to configure how many versions of files to maintain and their retention ratios. This is crucial to defend against crypto-locker style attacks which are designed to circumvent cloud backup techniques to allow them to hold you to ransom. If you would like to learn more about beating these, please see our <crypto-lockers page>.


256-bit Encryption

All of your data is compressed and encrypted before leaving the computer. It is then transmitted over an encrypted channel to the data centre. The keys for this encryption are known only by you† so your data is protected at all times.


E-Mail Reporting

You have the option of e-mail reports being sent out on completion, failure, and daily which helps you keep track of what is going on plus an idea of how your data is growing which ultimately helps you plan ahead.


Command Line Tools

If you require any special tasks completing before and/or after a backup, our software can be configured to run commands to do it. It can also be called from the command line itself so you are able to trigger it from any of your own systems that support command line tasks.


Flexible Scheduling

Run your backups when you want as often as you want. Scheduling puts you in control - run the critical data backups often and the static data backups less often. Run your backups out of hours so your Internet connection is not saturated when your office needs it most.


Features - Advanced Only

Microsoft Exchange Server

Backup and restore ether full of individual brick level Microsoft Exchange 2000 with SP3, Microsoft Exchange 2003, and Microsoft Exchange 2007.

Database Server

Backup and restore Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

Backup and restore Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, and Oracle 11g Database Servers.

Backup and restore MySQL Server.


Backup and restore Lotus Domino Server / Notes Client 5, Lotus Domino Server / Notes Client 6, and Lotus Domino Server / Notes Client 6.5.

Windows Bare Metal

For Windows operating systems up to Windows Server 2012, backup and restore Windows System State using full system imaging technology. For later versions of Windows, our software will integrate with StorageCraft ShadowProtect imaging software utilising our cloud platform.


† We can only ever know your encryption keys if you decide you wish us to manage them. Under normal circumstances this is not necessary but is an option for our fully managed IT Support services.