Bring your Internet domains under your control through our portal. More often than not, businesses pass their domain management out to their web developers. This is absolutely not necessary and while web developers will require DNS changes making - this is something that shouldn't happen very often and so is little reason for your domain to be in their control. We believe your domains are your property and so should be kept under your control, including DNS settings, allowing you to pick and choose your website developers in the interest of your business avoiding potentially difficult transfers later down the road or worse still, the possibility of ever being held to ransom when you would like to change provider.

From our portal you will be able to see when renewals are coming up, cancel domains, and purchase new domains including practically any TLD.


DNS Management

Our portal also gives you complete power to manage your own DNS records or to simply point the domain name servers somewhere else should you want someone else to do it for you, such as your website developers - all the time you would keep complete control of you online presence in one place.

If you bring your DNS management to us and would like help with making changes, simply contact our support team and a technician will be happy to talk you through or even make the changes for you.