Networking is the string holding all devices including desktop PC's, Printers, and Servers together in a business. We can design, install and configure networks for small to medium businesses including VLAN configuration as needed.


Wireless has moved forward with incredible speed over recent years and is a very attractive solution for networking small businesses. If you have larger premises, we can also provide intelligently managed wireless solutions.


Even if you are keen to utilise wireless in your business, you will find at some point your data must travel down cables and through switching equipment. With the prevalence of wireless today, it is very tempting to try and run your business solely from it but when you look at the performance and security benefits of cables you must keep it in mind when planning you infrastructure. Through our partners we are able to offer complete data and telephony wiring to your office space.


We never overlook IT security and can recommend, install and manage full security appliances to suite your business type including managed Antivirus to reduce as much as possible any risks of breaches.