For all of our customers we offer a flexible and friendly computer support service.

Whether you require help with formulas on an excel spreadsheet, advice on hardware for your next computer upgrade, or are struggling to get your new printer set up and connected, we are here for you.

Based purely on a resource consumption model, you know you will only pay for what you use. You can also be confident that if we are unable to resolve your issue, you wont have to pay. With access to technicians with years of experience in the IT industry working with computers and users of all levels of experience, we will be very understanding and helpful no matter the nature of the call.

We offer our services as transparently as possible and to help you see how your money is spent, every call or request for help you make to our support team will be logged and itemised for you. Once registered as on our website, you can log into our portal and view all past support tickets, and how much time has been used in resolving them, and manage your payment options.

To help you budget for I.T. Support, we offer a number of different payment options and giving you the chance to purchase your support resources in advance maximising your savings.