Even in the cleanest of homes, over time dust inevitably builds up inside you beloved computer. We offer collect and return PC servicing where we will safely clean the inside of your computer to prolong its life, and if necessary identify the cause of those annoying rattles and vibrations and sort them out for you.

We can also advise you on the best way to protect the inside of you computer from future blankets of dust and foreign objects and if possible re-arrange the inside of your computer to improve airflow reducing the workload of fans again improving its life.

Every version of Microsoft Windows is susceptible to being bogged down by poorly written software affecting performance greatly. As part of our servicing, we can remove software you do not use (after checking with you first of course,) check for viruses and clean if possible and make sure the latest drivers are installed for your specific hardware and not just the default drivers which often never give you the full performance of your hardware.

At any time, components in your PC can fail and without the right experience and equipment, diagnosing and identifying the faulty component can be a time consuming, potentially damaging to other parts, and therefore expensive process.

We offer a home visit initial diagnosis service. In most cases we can give you an indication of the problem within an hour and an estimate for getting it repaired. If you want us to proceed, we can then take you computer away to be repaired or for further diagnosis if necessary and return it to you once complete.